About the Artist

Jovan Demetrius Mihailovic comes from Serbia, one of the many beautiful and culturally rich countries in the Balkans.

In a land torn by war and hatred, the young Jovan embraced his dreams and the pursuit of beauty. In 1965 he left his country to seek political refuge in Sweden. He was penniless and unable to speak Swedish, but he had great energy and willingness to learn and grow.

In a year he had produced enough work to present a show at the prestigious Bohman Gallery in the Östermalm quarter, the artistic center of Stockholm.

Jovan himself is a modern renaissance man. He is painter, poet, novelist, playwright, director, actor, drama coach, and brilliant violinist; he loves all these disciplines like a father loves his children. Painting however, is his greatest love. As a seven year old prodigy he received his first training from renowned Yugoslav artist Ivan Pototchniak. At age thirteen Jovan began to get commissions to paint portraits and became able to help support his family after the Nazi occupation.

Coming to the USA in 1971 Jovan had his first art exhibit in 1972 at the Kyoto Gallery in Chicago. This American city became his home, and is the place where he continues his spiritual and artistic journey.

For the last few years his focus has been the Venus of Venice collection, a blend of myth, history, present day reality and fantasy, which now comprises more than one hundred large canvases and over a hundred and forty poems.

His style is a highly recognizable mixture of symbolism, surrealism, impressionism and expressionism which is called by many "visual poetry."